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Choosing Wedding Cake Flavours & Why I Think You Should Be Bold

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I haven’t always been a wedding cake designer, but I have always had a love for cooking and baking.

I was fortunate to be brought up in a family where my mum was a keen cook and was always trying out new and delicious recipes on us. Some of my earliest memories are whipping up butter and sugar and dolloping cake mix into tins (half of it ended up on me). These experiences led me to go to catering college and work professionally in restaurants, picking up skills and a curiosity in flavour and texture combinations.

Just as with the modern abstract looking of the wedding cakes that I design, I believe that my cake menu reflects a more exciting selection of flavours than traditional offerings and will really make your wedding cake stand out and have your guests coming back for more.

Wedding cake flavours - gingerbread cake with caramelised walnuts and salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream
Gingerbread cake with caramelised walnuts and caramel buttercream

Look what Shanghai recently had to say about a two tier wedding cake I made her, consisting of a blueberry and vanilla sponge filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, zesty lemon curd and wild blueberry conserve on the bottom tier, and spiced orange and raisin carrot cake, caramelised walnuts and roasted peach on the top:

The cake was not only stunning (some guests gasped when they saw it) but it was so delicious. People were going back for 3-4 slices. We tried so many bakers across London and this was by far the tastiest!

Blueberry and vanilla wedding cake
Blueberry & vanilla sponge cake

If you like richer, warmer flavours then how about a chocolate chip cake made with browned butter to give it a delicious caramel flavour, paired with a rich bourbon salted caramel and roasted peach help lift the flavours and add some tartness? Or perhaps I can tempt you gingerbread cake, dulce de lech, salted honey and walnuts?

I love to make ‘off-menu’ flavours too, such as recently for Angela and Kedar, who wanted more Indian-inspired flavours incorporating pistachio, mango and cardamom. I created a delicious pistachio and cardamom cake and paired this with a mango curd mixed with diced fresh mango, then made a pistachio praline and added this to a vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling.

Your wedding cake should be an expression of you as a couple both on the outside and in, so if you're choosing to have a stunning, vibrant and modern looking cake, why not go for special flavours on the inside to make your cake stand out even more!

For more information about the delicious flavours that I make, take a look at my flavours page here.


Simon's Bakery is located in Tooting, south London, and I deliver across London, Surrey, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. I design luxury modern bespoke Swiss meringue buttercream and ganache wedding cakes and event cakes, characterised by a clean precise finish, with sharp edges, a bold use of colour and other modern design techniques to create interesting textures and shapes.

I draw on my years of cooking and baking experience to cakes that not only look stunning, but also taste amazing, experimenting with flavours and texture combinations to create a memorable taste sensation.

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