'Blank Canvas' - filled and fully covered with Swiss meringue buttercream finished with smooth sides and sharp edges

5" Diameter

Serves approximately 12 portions

From £60

6" Diameter

Serves approximately 22 portions

From £88

7" Diameter

Serves approximately 29 portions

From £115

8" Diameter

Serves approximately 38 portions

From £150

'Deli-Style' - No frills, but the same delicious cake as my 'blank canvas' style. Two moist sponges sandwiched between delicious fillings

6" Diameter

Serves approximately 7 portions

From £29

7" Diameter

Serves approximately 9 portions

From £36

8" Diameter

Serves approximately 12 portions from £47

9" Diameter

Serves approximately 16 portions

from £60

By default I make my cakes to be taller than more traditional, up to a height of 8", therefore you can get more portions from a smaller diameter cake.


Each cake I made is completely unique, therefore it's difficult to give an exact price, but the values opposite are a starting point for a blank canvas (filled and covered with Swiss meringue buttercream finished with smooth sides and sharp or ruffled edges) from which extra decoration can be added such macarons, moulded chocolate work, wafer paper, flowers, colouring and texturing.

Two tier cakes start from £150 serving 30 portions

If you'd prefer something a little more simple but equally fabulous, and are on a tighter budget then I'll always try to accomodate you.


These prices include a sturdy cake base and box.

Personalised, reusable cake toppers vary in price but start from around £10.


The cost of your wedding cake will depend on the number of people you want it to feed, how big

you want the portion size (standard finger size is 1" x 2", or a generous dessert size is 2" x 2") and the level of


If you have a specific budget in mind, I will try and work to this, but as a guide, a two tier 'blank canvas'

semi naked cake to feed at least 100 people starts from £390. For a fully covered Swiss meringue

buttercream two tier 'blank canvas' cake, feeding the same number of people, the prices start from £430.

Additional decorative features such as macarons,chocolate work, wafer paper, flowers etc

will increase the cost.​

For cakes over £470, I also include a tasting box in the price, which contains up to 3 different types

of cake. For cakes below this value, there is an additional cost for the tasting box.

If you or the venue have a cake stand you want to use then great.

Otherwise I can supply one for a deposit.

As with the celebration cakes, a personalised reusable cake topper

can be ordered for an additional cost.


I can deliver to London and the surrounding areas and can confirm costs during the consultation, but as a guide a 60 minute drive from SW17 and set up will cost £35.

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