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I was first told about honey cake by a Russian Australian friend of mine who described a delicately spiced multi-layered cake made by her grandmother, filled with honey and sour cream.

I researched numerous recipes, and it made the cake, known as medovik in Russia, sound even more delicious. The original cake was said to be created in the 19th century by the chef of the wife of Tsar Alexander 1, and is one of the most famous Russian desserts.

My version is an adaptation of what you might get in Russia or Eastern Europe. Honey is the key to the rich and creamy floral flavour of the cake, but instead of using it straight from the jar, I cook it to caramelise it and add some sea salt to really enhance the flavour. Dulce de leche is also incorporated in to the filling which adds further caramel notes and tanginess.

The filling is sandwiched in between layers of spiced gingerbread biscuit. The soft texture is achieved overnight as the creamy filling slowly transforms the biscuit into a moist cake.

The flavour is further enhanced by adding a crumb coating containing a delicious caramelised walnut praline, and decorated with hand moulded chocolate honeycombs.

"The cake was absolutely delicious. I'm from the Ukraine so Russian honey cake is one of our traditional. And this one was oh my oh my. No words to describe it." Anna Syla, Google Review

"I never tasted a honey cake more delicious!! The cake was beautiful and totally flawless." Georgina Falconer, Google Review

"I ordered a Russian Honey Cake which was impeccably made. It was for my partner's birthday and the packaging was carefully done, the cake itself looked stunning while being absolutely delicious." Solveig Seuss, Google review


Delivery in and around London.

5" Cake Serving ~ 8 portions £55

6" Cake Serving ~ 10 portions £65

7" Cake Serving ~ 12-14 portions £75

8" Cake Serving ~ 15-17 portions £85

IMG_1773 (1).jpg