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Simon Madgwick holding a two tier abstract buttercream bespoke cake


Hi, I'm Simon​...
At the time, my mother was a keen cook and baker and my father a dentist who'd also discovered that he was rather handy with a paint brush. Having picked up some creative genes along the way, my mum encouraged me to help her out in the kitchen (in between building dens in the woods, collecting Star Wars figures and playing video games).
My passion for cooking and baking grew, and while my school friends were out on Saturday nights meeting girls, I was slogging it out in a hot kitchen getting shouted at by the head chef and having objects thrown at me. Undeterred by the experience, after I finished school I went to catering college with aim of cooking professionally. However, it wasn't to be, and my 'I should probably do something sensible for a job' conscious won out.
After getting a degree in human biology I trained as an accountant...was this really going to be my career for the rest of my life?! My passion for baking stuck with me, and during a year doing voluntary work in Cambodia in 2012, I was given the opportunity to manage the training restaurant run by the NGO I worked for and teach the enrolled street children baking and cooking skills. After coming back to the UK I went back to working in finance, albeit in the charity sector, but I the 'life's too short' feelings were becoming too strong and I started hatching my escape plan. I began offering my cake-making services to friends, family, work colleagues and build up my network.
In 2017 the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy at work came about and after considering if I could ever leave the world of balance sheets and variance analysis (it didn't take me long), I decided to take the plunge and concentrate on the baking business. Since then, I've been able to do what I love everyday - messing around in the kitchen with flour, eggs and sugar and creating delicious bespoke cakes for birthdays, christenings, weddings and any other event you can think of. Everything I make is based on the simple philosophy that it must taste delicious and look fantastic. I hope you enjoy!  

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