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Wedding Supplier Spotlight - Marta Ilardo Photography

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Marta Ilardo Photography

Working in the wedding industry means that I get to meet some awesome fellow wedding suppliers, so I thought it would be a great idea to show them some love and get them on your radar too!

In this first installment I'd like to introduce you to Marta Zagozdzon-Ilardo, the woman behind the camera at Marta Ilardo Photography who shoots amazing wedding and lifestyle photos.

A quick introduction - where are you from and what's your background?

Hi! I’m originally from Poland, but have been living in London for 16 years already, so it’s more a home to me than my hometown, that’s for sure! My background is Fine Arts, but I also did an MA in Photography at London College of Communication. Photography has been in my life more or less forever.

How and why did you get in to the wedding industry?

I started photographing weddings as a way to support myself during my MA - it was brilliant and I continued afterwards. At one point it became my main job, but I also shoot art, families and do my personal projects. I spent a few years shooting fashion as well and while it taught me a few tricks, it wasn’t my favourite environment.

What do you love about your job and working in the wedding industry?

I love photographing people! Not models, but real people in real situations. It’s about creating memories that you can come back to after many, many years. Being a witness to this huge ritual of passage, that a wedding is - I just love it! I know personally how important it is, I’m married myself and I also have a two year old (whom I photograph obsessively!).

There’s another thing - when you work in the wedding industry, you’re working with happy people in love. So you’re surrounded by this energy of celebration and happiness. It’s just wonderful!

What sets you apart from other photographers? What’s your particular style?

I would call my style creative documentary. I definitely document the events, mood, gestures, but it’s all filtered through my artistic sensitivity. I can find beauty in almost everything and when behind the camera, I turn on this additional sense and observe and capture simultaneously. I love being in this perceptive state!

I think my Fine Arts background sets me apart from other photographers - I have an eye for composition, colour palette and most importantly, I follow the light!

How have you been coping during the pandemic? Have you been able to pivot your business?

Well, it’s complicated. Job wise - yes, it’s difficult, as obviously the weddings are not allowed at the moment. I turned to shooting food (which is delicious, but not as exciting as weddings and portraits).

I miss weddings and can’t wait to be able to shoot them again! Fortunately with the recent news on the easing of lockdown there is a light at the end of tunnel!

Any advice for couples planning on hiring a photographer?

Definitely go with your gut feeling! You have to feel comfortable with your chosen photographer, you have to trust that she/he will take fabulous pictures of your wedding day. You really don’t want to worry about miscommunication during your big day. Of course it’s important to check if they are professional, have good reviews and give you a contract to sign etc. But providing all those things are covered - talk to your photographer, meet for a glass of wine or coffee (when possible. Zoom will do in the meantime) and check if you feel comfortable with them.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

I am an absolute movie nerd! My heart is broken for all the closed cinemas! So, yes, I watch movies, a lot. I also read a lot of books (well, not as many as I would like to, since I have a two year old and her idea of fun is slightly different then sitting on the sofa, with a book and a coffee hahaha).

I love spending time with my little family, go for walks and do some fun art and craft activities together - making a cardboard rocket has been a highlight so far! I also love travelling… but that will have to wait, for now...

Any unusual facts about yourself or brushes with fame?

I once “starred” in a Bollywood movie. Yep! While backpacking in India I was approached on the street and invited to take part in this project. I was just chilling in Kochi (south India) so thought "why not!" Gosh, I miss those kind of adventures!

If you want to see more of Marta's amazing work and talk to her about how she could capture your special day, head over to her website:


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